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Solar on the Ranch

In May of 2016 we had a 20 kWh solar array installed on the roof of our barn. From there …
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2017 AOA EPD Producers Report

Generation 10 AOA EPD’s reach 10 year Anniversary For Joanna and I getting the calculation each year is like Christmas …
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Alpaca Insoles

This may seem a trivial topic but I created this post as a learning experience. It’s been a few months …
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RobAsia Alpaca Ranch in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

We began our alpaca adventure in 2005 by purchasing five pregnant females. Committed to raising high quality alpacas, our farm has grown to nearly 100 animals. Our breeding program has evolved into one of the best in the country using objective data as well as visual observations for each breeding decision, allowing us to improve our herd year after year.

Information contained on our website will help you understand the details that are needed to establish a world-class breeding program and why purchasing from our breeding stock will put you on the path toward herd excellence. Whether you want alpacas for companions, breeding stock or fiber producers, let our expertise, high quality livestock and scientific breeding strategy be the foundation for your unique goals and ultimate success.

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