2017 AOA EPD Producers Report

Generation 10 AOA EPD’s reach 10 year Anniversary

For Joanna and I getting the calculation each year is like Christmas. It’s especially nice because this year results came before Christmas.

Since inception of the AOA EPD program we have participated with an eye on the long game. Reviewing and scrutinizing each value and associated alpaca we have made great strides to keep our program on the top in trait characteristic values.

Notably our 2 males Brookhollow Invincible’s Superstar and Snowmass Quechua’s Quest have improved on trait accuracies from 20% – 30 % to 60% -7 0% in just 5 years. Superstar has 149 descendants; both males come from strong, well bred lines.

Using EPD’s, as well as phenotype, maternal & paternal information assists in building a strong resilient genetic breeding program that will perform over time. Please check out alpacas listed on our website as well as those listed on AOA, we make all information public.

One paragraph in the 2017 Producers report by Dr. Mark Enns we feel is notable to repete: Accuracy values provided with each EPD offer an easy method for evaluating confidence in that prediction (i.e., EPD) with accuracies closer to 1 yielding more confidence than EPD with lower accuracies. No matter the accuracy, however, the EPD for a trait is a consistently better prediction of an animal’s genetic merit than its own performance alone because EPD are based on considerably more data than an observation from only the individual. EPD take into account data from ancestors, collateral relatives (e.g., half sibs, full sibs), the individual itself, and progeny (if available); adjust for differences in age of the animal at measure; and account for nutritional and climatic differences across herds with appropriately designated contemporary groups.”

We hope you will take some time to read the producers report as posted on the AOA website of click on the following hypertext. aoa-producer-report-2017

Please leave a comment regarding your experience with EPD’s

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Rob & Joanna


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