2014 New Year

Another year has passed and Joanna and I wish all our friends, family and fellow alpaca breeders a Happy New Year.

We also want to say thank you to all our customers who have purchased alpacas from us as well as breedings. We see many of these alpacas in the show ring and it’s very gratifying to see them doing well.

Another first for us in 2013 was the harvesting of alpacas for meat, it’s been a long time in the making but we believe the only way for alpaca farms to be sustainable as an alpaca farm is that it has to be run as a livestock model. This was our most difficult decision of the year and not one taken lightly. We will be publishing additional information in the months with new opportunities for farms to participate in our sustainability program.

We have also reached a point of offering some of our best 2012 / 2013 offspring for sale. Many of these alpacas are candidates for our show string and we expect them to do very well but also like our customers to do well and have decided to put them on the sales list prior to showing.

In addition we have some great deals on our foundation stock that have produced our current champions as well as direct Snowmass genetics. Please check out the list and links below.



Foundation / Proven

RobAsia’s Godiva

RobAsia’s Kaya

Avalon’s Peruvian Chasca

RobAsia’s Impact’s Starlight

RobAsia’s Caramia

Snowmass Royal Reflection

RobAsia’s Vonda

RobAsia’s Liberti

Snowmass Royal Lineage

RobAsia’s Royal Luminara

RobAsia’s Camelina

RobAsia’s Quechua’s Solstice


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