January Seminar Announcement

Joanna and I have been asked by the Board of Directors of the Great Lakes Alpaca Association (GLAA) to be their guest speakers at their traditional winter education seminar. We have accepted enthusiastically!

Members of GLAA asked for a seminar on Marketing. Although we put a lot of time, effort and dollars towards our marketing, we believe the science foundation we built our business and breeding program makes the marketing more successful (see foundation on RobAsia website). With this vision of solid foundation we felt it necessary to bring in 2 of our friends who we have collaborated with over they years to mutually beneficial results. Dr. Michael Bishop and Stan and Janetta Bauer.

Joanna and I have attended many seminars, to many to recall and we have always been able to find ideas to positively impact our alpaca business. We believe this seminar will accomplish this but not just from one presenter but three! In alpaca selling terms, this is a 3 in 1 packager deal! Rather than one speaker drawn out over an extended period we will have three different presentations, this helps the presenters consolidate their presentations into a fixed time period, better for the speaker and better for the listener.

Some History:

I first heard Dr. Bishop (Mike)speak at ARI’s genetics conference in Houston and boy did I have fun listening to him as he presented the use of EPD’s in a historical perspective . At that time ARI will just introducing EPD’s and some people were thinking this was the next fad for alpacas, Mike showed precisely what other livestock industries when through, the progress the achieved and the future they look forward to. It also helped that Mike lived right down the road in Rio WI. I contacted Mike not long after the Houston conference and we have been working together on various projects to help our business and breeding program. Mike is not an glass tower academic, he is a processing farmer of southdown sheep and Angus cattle and I also think he dabbles in dairy genetics also. He is also easy to talk with both on a professional and personal level.

We met Stan and Janetta Bauer back in 2009 (i think) they were interested in our approach and results from our breeding program and had females they wanted to improve. We have become good friends. Their approach with their fiber is both interesting and unique. Over the years we have learned about what fiber traits are the best for their high end appear products. There business model for alpaca fiber makes a lot of sense and focuses what alpaca products should be. We have partnered with them supplying our best fiber expanding their fiber business and meeting their ever growing demand for artisan alpaca products.

Many of you reading or receiving emails from us have seen us (RobAsia) grow up in the alpaca industry. We are driven to be and produce the best, you’ll have to attend the seminar to get more information.

I recently asked Jim Konyn what is the people capacity of this seminar, he stated 80. I told him that’s all I wanted to know, the goal is to fill it up!

This will be a unique seminar and the only clue I’ll leave is that we will be starting from the end. Come, sign up and attend, I’m sure it will be well worth your money and time!


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