RobAsia Hay Feeder

The original plans for this feeder came from the then AOBA Alpacas Magazine, many moons ago.

We have made some minor “tweets” along the way but the concept is identical.

We have also experimented with alternate materials (plastic lumber) this proved to be way to heave to transport even a short distance. Our material of choice is cedar We make the bottom from 2 x 4’s and build up from there.

The sides are made from 5/8 or 3/4 cedar planks 6 inches wide stacked 3 high. The frame that holds the hay in place is made from pine and PVC rollers. It’s important that these pieces of PVC roll freely, this will prevent muzzle fleece from being worn off prematurely. The spacing between centers of the PVC rollers is 4 inches, this is a critical dimension that allows adult alpacas to grasp enough hay and will not allow crias to get their heads stuck between the rollers. The outside dimensions are 2 feet by 4 feet. We did try larger (8 feet) but this was to heavy and un-maneuverable.

These are definitely indoor feeders but they are mobile enough to move back and forth depending upon weather. We have also  found that crias have much less of the ugly “bread basket” on the crook of their necks as the feeder mimics grazing closer to the ground so the crias are not standing under the feeder. The feeder is simple to manufacture and does not require any expensive tools, although they are a lot more fun. A skill saw, Power drill and a few various drill bits and your all set build your own feeder. Usual I build 2-4 at the same time, its the manufacturing blood in me.

We hope you find this information valuable to your alpaca operations. If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to call or email us. Please find and like us on Facebook and keep abreast of happenings at RobAsia Alpaca Ranch


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