Alpaca Insoles

This may seem a trivial topic but I created this post as a learning experience. It’s been a few months since we updated our website to WordPress and this is my first new post, yes I’m very delinquent creating new content….shame.

Alpaca insoles new and used
Alpaca Insoles, New & Used

Anyway, The photo below is from the alpaca insoles in my boots. I believe they are at least 2 years old and maybe 3. You can see they are totally worn out. Interestingly, it’s strange how one is more worn than the other, I always wore both boots at the same time and did not hop around with only one boot on. I generally only wore these particular boots in the fall and winter as they are insulated and very warm, to warm for summer..

The new ones I just put in feel wonderful and I will not be letting them go so long before I replace them again.


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