House on sand
House on rock

Raising alpacas can be fun and rewarding, choosing the right foundation to begin your herd can be quite confusing. Prices for alpacas can vary widely, and for no apparent reason. Many breeders value their alpacas based on show winning. Although this may be a piece of determining the value, we believe the true value lies in the genotype and consideration should be given to ALL objective data available for each alpaca. We use the biblical analogy of building your house on rock or on sand. If show winnings alone are considered when purchasing alpacas, we believe this is like building your house on sand. There are also lifestyle considerations to consider when choosing your herd foundation. We work with each potential alpaca owner to understand their individual circumstances and tailor our suggestions to meet these needs. We will communicate both positive and negative attributes of each suggested alpaca and set realistic expectations based on the objective data and our experience.

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