Pedigrees for alpacas are DNA and blood type verified by Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI). The process of registering a new alpaca consists of taking a blood sample from the animal and placing it on an ARI blood card. The card is then filled out with the names of the expected Sire and Dam and sent via postal mail to ARI for verification. Assuming the expected parents are a match, a “Certificate of Registration” is issued by ARI. It contains the newly registered alpaca’s ID # (ARI Number) as well as sex, date of birth and color. It also contains the animal’s ancestry four generations back.

Having a DNA-verified registry is a benefit to everyone who owns or plans to own alpacas. Becoming a member of ARI allows you to search the entire ARI database. Understanding an alpaca’s lineage is one of the cornerstones of our breeding program at RobAsia. We have spent a significant amount of time learning about each of our alpaca’s ancestor’s strengths and weaknesses and cross-referencing information to make sure we understand the genetic potential of the pedigree.

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