Production data can consist of many pieces of information to help determine the breeding value of each alpaca. Not paying attention to this data can negatively affect your bottom line and cause sleep deprivation not for the alpacas but for you! An example of this is birth weight. If generational birth weights keep increasing, adding labor stress to your dams and ill thrift to your crias, the effect will be increased expense for veterinarian care, medical costs and infertility, just to name a few. It’s not a good thing to have to assist an alpaca in giving birth because the cria is so large.


Other examples of production information available from RobAsia Alpaca Ranch are:

  1. Fiber production, both weight and grade.
  2. Breeding attempts by male and female.
  3. Birthing, number of days pregnant, delivery ease, cria weight and milk supply.
  4. Growth, weight gain for cria, weaning weight.
  5. Medical records.

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