Skin Biopsy

Another powerful tool to measure the genetic merit of an alpaca is the skin biopsy or skin punch. A small punch slightly larger than a pencil eraser is removed from a specified location on the alpaca and sent to Dr. Norm Evans Mobile Veterinary Service for slicing and measurement.  A full report is returned, including pictures of the evaluation. Breeders that use this testing method generally only test their males and use it for promotional purposes. At RobAsia, 90% of the alpacas tested are females we use this information for informed decisions regarding future breeding as well as to measure results of offspring from pairings of sire and dam. At RobAsia, we believe the sire and the dam have the ability to genetically contribute equally but the dam is 100% responsible for the environmental development of each offspring. Understanding the dam’s material abilities is paramount to producing exceptional offspring.

  • Information gained from the biopsy is:
  • Density, follicles per sq./mm.
  • S/P Secondary to Primary ratio.
  • Sebaceous gland presence and density.
  • In-skin secondary fiber medullation.
  • In-Skin micron variation of the secondary and primary fibers.
  • A skin biopsy is objective scientific data.

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