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Dr. Joanna Stephens

Internal medicine physician, born & raised in Lodz Poland, immigrated to the United States via Canada. Joanna enjoys family, gardening, animals, skiing, scuba diving, travel and being outdoors. Currently Joanna works as a Hospitalist at a local hospital. “Alpacas are a perfect match of what I enjoy. I get to do it with my best friend and husband, there is truly nothing better.”

Rob Stephens

After 30 plus years, Rob and his 2 brothers sold their highly successful injection molding business in 2010. Rob decided to devote his attention to the alpaca business full time. Transitioning from inside work to outside work has defiantly been a healthy lifestyle change. “I’ve always enjoyed using both my mind and my hands to make things. Raising alpacas is enjoyable because there is always a challenge to overcome. There is nothing better than being together (with Joanna) and doing something we both enjoy so much. It’s truly a dream come true.”

We began our Alpaca Adventure in 2003 as most people do, researching and visiting farms. We took the plunge and purchased our first 5 females in 2005 and never looked back. Please visit our Sales page for listings of our alpacas for sale. There is something for everyone from beginner to experienced.

We are proud that we are the first and only certified CAMELIDynamics Handler in our state.

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